About us

About Us

At the Luisa Catucci Gallery, we believe in the power of inspiring art and culture. 

Humanity’s emancipation and evolution, since the beginning of time, is reached by feeding the soul and brain with stimulating nourishment, in order to open more doors hidden in our brains,  to become better beings, better societies and thus a better planet. Art is outstanding power food. We truly value its fundamental role of instigator for reflections and feelings out of the ordinary.

The gallery’s program focuses mainly on art exhibitions, inspired by ecological, social and existential matters, through a variety of media, including photography, video, painting, sculpture and installation.

Luisa works permanently in contact with the artists represented, not only to develop the gallery’s exhibitions and international art fairs, but also to accompany them in their professional career, outside the gallery’s wall.  Several of our artists have already exhibited at museums and public institutions worldwide, or took part in prestigious exhibitions, such as Manifesta or Venice’s Biennale.

Catucci also offers services of consulting for collectors and art lovers, to help navigate the extremely rich and complicate contemporary art world. We are so lucky to live in a time when so many people have the possibility to express their creativity, but we also realize this creates serious  difficulties about the selection. We are bombed from morning to evening by images, news and proposals, and we understand how it can be confusing to figure out where to look, what to look and who to follow. But the gallery is here to guide and help by providing serious information about the artists, the artworks, the art world, and to assist to purchase, either with the purpose of starting a collection, either with the purpose of an investment, either just to decorate homes or working spaces with proper pieces.

About Luisa Catucci

After her studies in illustration, art and communication design in Rome, Luisa travelled for some years around Europe joining various artistic and design projects, from theater to visual art exhibitions.
In 2004 she landed in Berlin and stayed.
Here she starts curating her first exhibitions in locations rented for the occasion, and started to work as an artist with several professional galleries.
In 2009 she founded Cell63 artplatform, an exhibiting and working space for international emerging artists, and she ran it until December 2016.
Since February 2017 she opens and direct her own Luisa Catucci Gallery, where she assures the collaboration with international mid-career and emerging artists of great talent.
She curates an exhibition every month and a half, she takes part in several international art fairs, and art Biennale, and she establishes solid collaborations with galleries and Museums all around Europe.

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Luisa Catucci – Erstellen von visueller Kunst, Ausstellungen von Kunst, Künstlerberatung, Kulturevents und Kulturmanagement
Address: Allerstr. 38,  12049 Berlin, Deutschland
Owner and Director: Luisa Catucci
USt-IdNr: DE269550385
Phone: +4917620404636
Email: luisa(at)luisacatucci(dot)com

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