Art consulting for collectors and art lovers

We are so lucky to live in a time when many people have the possibility to express their creativity, but the downside of it is that we are bombed from morning to evening by images, news and proposals. We understand how it can be confusing to figure out where to look, what to look and who to follow.  Especially, if you are thinking of buying art, either with the purpose of starting a collection  or as an investment, or to decorate your home or your working space.
No worries! We are here to help you. We can advise you and assist you all the way to the right piece.
We ourselves have been collecting for the past ten years, and therefore we are well aware of the importance of being properly advised.
We offer an advisory service to prevent customers from making costly mistakes as a result of a poorly-defined project – whether it comes to acquiring art or collaborating with artists.

Who is this service for?

      • Beginners looking for guidance
      • Collectors looking to diversify their acquisitions and/or collection
      • Businesses looking to carry out collaborative projects with Public Artists
      • Businesses looking to start up an elaborate company collection
      • Those who already have substantial knowledge about the subject with too little time on their hands, looking for someone to manage their acquisition

Our services are invoiced by the hour, half day or day.

The prices for individuals are:
€150 (including taxes) per hour ///// €390 (including taxes) per half day ///// €790 (including taxes) per day

The prices for businesses are:
€190 (including taxes) per hour ///// €590 ((including taxes) per half day ///// €990 (including taxes) per day

Services for Artists

As art lovers and professionals of the art world, we do understand how difficult this scene can be for artists, for the young ones in particular.
It is hard not only to keep up with the changing dynamics of the contemporary artistic scene, but also to understand how to present yourself and your work, how to evaluate it and last but not least to get seen and to break the ice of the industry.
No panic! We can help. Relax, take a deep breath, and get in contact with us.
We can offer you a diversity of consultation and advisory services based on hourly rate of 50€ (including taxes)
Our services include:

  • portfolio lecture
  • curatorial guidance
  • analysis of work and presentation
  • analysis of website and contents
  • artist profiles
  • editing and publishing
  • advice on where to go, who to meet, how to present your art or project
  • analysis presence on socials networks and content marketing advising
  • advise on setup presentations


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