Simone Bubbico

Born in Turin (Italy) in 1984, where he lives and works.
Four years degree at Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin (Italy).

Simone Bubbico

Born in Turin (Italy) in 1984, where he lives and works.
Four years degree at Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin (Italy).

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“The light installations by Simone Bubbico tell about moments of profound melancholy dealt with irony and the lightness of a Chinese shadow. By projecting light onto apparently abstract elements, Bubbico manages to create ephemeral images of shadows on the wall, as he would be giving shape to a bunch of humanity’s existential problems. Incompleteness and fragility seem to be the themes addressed by this artist through the purest and simplest use of light and shadow, which we can also find in his drawings, where the contrast between black and white presents us characters lost in their own ambiguities”.


I/The use of light and shadow has a central role in almost every art technique.
Why did you decide to use these two elements in such a literal and pragmatic way?

I began to get interested in shadows and their expressive power by observing the ambiguous relationship between the physical element and the projection of its shadow. What really stimulated my imagination is especially the feeling that the shadow separates itself from the object and become independent of it: a new subject in which the starting elements are no longer the same. The shadow, although visible, is made of its immateriality; it is something ephemeral, mysterious, impalpable and, for these reasons, closely related to a dimension of inner intimacy.

II/The protagonists you present in your artworks look like lost in their own ambiguities, stuck in a kind of abstract melancholy. Why? How do they take life? Why depicting such lonely and enigmatic characters?

The characters in my works are often metaphors to represent the psychotic characters and phobias of our contemporary society, the shadow has soon become a perfect medium of expression: a fitting metaphor, capable of expressing in an intuitive way the relationship between presence and absence, between normality and deviance. In addition, I always try to realize works that remain open to more keys of interpretation, in order to push the viewers to imagine their own story.

III/Is there any artist, dead or alive, who really inspires your work?

An artist who really inspired me is Claudio Parmiggiani. I am fascinated by his work not only from a conceptual point of view, of poetics and research but also from the aesthetic one, the visual aspect and the emotional impact that his artworks are able to transmit.

IV/The Contrast between white and black, light and shadow is a constant element in your artworks.
Do you think that the constant use of this oxymoron does tell something about you and your personality? How?

Probably each one of my work tells something about me in an unconscious way. My attention is always focused on the study of what surrounds me: the external world; but certainly every time I realize an artwork an intimate and personal interpretation leaves traces in it. Actually, I think that a careful and profound analysis would lead me to find something of myself in every artwork.


Solo Exhibitions:

“Sotto la superficie”, Vanni Showroom, Turin, Italy, 27/11/2014
“Apparenze reali”, Weber & Weber Gallery, Turin, Italy, 26/09/2013.
“Una vaga sensazione di assenza”, PAN, Naples, Italy, 21/06/2013.
“Eidola”, Silbernagl & Undergallery, Milan, Italy 15/05/2013.
“Racconti d’ombra”, VV8 artecontemporanea Gallery, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 18/11/2012.
“Ombra da camera”, Pasticceriadarte, Turin, Italy 23/9/2010.


AXA special prize, 8° Talent Prize, Rome, Italy 15/11/2015.

1° place, 6° Autofocus Prize, Turin, Italy 22/09/2014.

1° place, sculpture, 6° Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, Italy 17/03/2012.
3° place, Carlo Bonatto Minella Prize, Rivarolo Canavese (TO), Italy, 19/11/2011.

Group Exhibitions:

“Tales of light and shadow”, Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin, Germany

“Any given book”, White Noise Gallery, Rome, Italy.

“Here” Cavallerizza Irreale, Cavallerizza Reale, Turin, Italy.

“Talent Prize, finalists show”, Pietro Canonica Museum at Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy.

“The Others Fair”, Ex Carceri Le Nuove, Turin, Italy.

“Last young”, Villa Brivio, Nova Milanese (MI), Italy.
“Bianchi tagliati appesi”, About:Blank, Turin, Italy.
“Idee Migranti – Imaga Nova Mondo”,
National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography“Luigi Pigorini”, Rome, Italy.
“Luce vera Vera luce”, Weber & Weber Gallery, Turin, Italy.
“L’ Arte di fare la differenza”, NB: Notabene, Turin, Italy.
““X” – 10 artisti per i 10 anni dell’Ecomuseo del Freidano”, Eco-museum of Freidano, Settimo Torinese (TO), Italy.
“Open studio, Artist in residence”, Loft Miramarmi, San Pietro Mussolino (VI), Italy.
“Arte Laguna Prize, finalists show”, Arsenal of Venice, Venice, Italy.
“Carlo Bonatto Minella Prize
ffinalists show”, Villa Vallero, Rivarolo Canavese (TO), Italy.
“The third floor: free speech zone”, IUC (International University College), Turin, Italy.
“Vi(t)a Crucis”, Spazio Fisico Gallery, Modena, Italy.
“Across Rewriting III edition”, Amantes Gallery, Turin, Italy.
“Ways”, Spazio Fisico Gallery, Modena, Italy.

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