INTRO – Vernissage

Exhibition INTRO
exhibiting Aqua Aura – Manuela Toselli

Vernissage Friday August 9th, 8-11pm

INTRO in its original Latin form means inwardly. The urge to unravel the contents of a box, of a container, of anything that is closed from the inside, is probably one of the most strong characteristics of humanity. How long did Pandora last without opening the box? Curiosity. Curiosity and the irresistible urge for understanding and knowledge are the motor of human evolution, much more than mere survival. The works of the two Italian artists Manuela Toselli and Aqua Aura selected for this exhibition are revealing the inwardly reflections these artists made, each in his or her own way, on existence, co-existence, ecology, psychology, soul expansions, and their contrast with modern society, with the resulting inevitable paradoxes.

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